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Alexa Activities

Sesame Street

Kids can chat to Elmo (can we have a go?) who loves to talk about his letter of the day and can even play hide and seek. Audio clues might reveal where he is – and kids can shout out where they think he might be.

Just say: Alexa, ask Sesame Street to call Elmo”.


SpongeBob Challenge

SpongeBob and the crew at the Krusty Krab are having a busy day flipping burgers, and have a lot of orders to remember. Kids can listen and repeat back the orders – and try and remember as many as they can.

Just say: “Alexa, start the SpongeBob Challenge”.


Amazon Storytime:

Short stories aimed at kids ages 5-12, and it’s all in conjunction with Audible so the quality is really strong.

Just say: “Alexa, ask Amazon Storytime to read me a story”.



Struggling to get the kids to brush their teeth? Chompers makes teeth time fun with jokes, riddles, songs and more, keeping children brushing for the full two minutes. It also keeps track of your brushing streaks, giving kids a reason to stick to the routine.

Just say: "Alexa, start Chompers from Gimlet".


Animal Game

Think of an animal and then play yes/no until Alexa guesses which one you’re thinking of.

Just say: “Alexa, play Animal Game”.


Wake up Clock

This might have a slim chance of working, but we’ll try anything to keep early risers in their beds for an extra hour. You set the time when it’s ok for your child to get out of bed. When they wake up they just need to ask whether it’s time to get up yet.

Just ask: “Alexa, ask My Clock if it is time to wake up”.


Lego Duplo Stories

Interactive stories designed to boost the imagination, Lego Duplo Stories are like a choose-your-own-adventure audio book. Your child is the captain of a pirate ship or a flying bird, choosing where they go and the adventures they set out on.

Just say: “Alexa, open Lego Duplo Stories”.


The Magic Door

Another interactive story game, The Magic Door lets kids made choices as they explore a fantasy world, collecting items, and meeting talking rabbits along the way.

Just say:"Alexa, open the magic door".


Moshi Twilight

Less interactive, the makers of Moshi Monsters provide bedtime stories with ambient sound effects, design to help little ones drift off. 

Just say: “Alexa, ask Moshi Twilight to play a Sleep Story.”



Meeximo LLC Tongue Twister

Remember those tongue twisters you loved stumbling over as a kid? Now, your kids can ask Meeximo LLC Tongue Twister for one of those challenges. Trying to say "stupid superstition," or "a proper copper coffee pot" five times fast will be tons of fun, and it will help your kids practice their diction.


Bye Bye Cavities

Bye Bye Cavitiesturns your kid's toothbrush routine into a quest to defeat the evil "Cavity Family" once and for all. As your kids brush, members of the Cavity Family will boast (humorously) about their dastardly aspects — but the longer the brushing, the more of the bad guys get flushed away.


Baby Lullaby

If you just can't get your baby to sleep, Alexa can help. Baby Lullaby plays a beautiful, soothing, and very catchy tune that's sure to lull your tot into a peaceful slumber. It may even put you to sleep!



Have a kid who just loves space? NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers NASA Mars, which lets you ask Alexa questions about Mars, such as "How big is it?" or "Why is it red?" The skill also provides weekly updates from NASA about the rovers roaming the surface of the Red Planet. 


Word of the Day

Building vocabulary is an integral part of education, and Alexa can help kids learn a new term every day with the Word of the Day skill. It integrates with the Flash Briefing to provide you a new word every day, including the definition and how to use the word in a sentence, with more than a little humour thrown into the mix.


This Day In History

Don't end up doomed to repeat history; try the History Channel's This Day in History. You can ask Alexa about the most prominent event on the particular day you're asking, or on any day you like. If you want to dig deeper, the skill will also tell you about other events from the day.


See and Say

This skill, based on the Fischer Price See n' Say toy—where you pull a string and a large arrow spins around, will play one of 34 animal sounds when you ask Alexa to launch See and Say. A companion app provides more than 280 facts about the animals, along with photos of each.


Daily Dinosaur

What kid doesn't love dinosaurs? Daily Dinosaur will teach your children about these extinct creatures, randomly selecting one and providing a brief description. It should keep your kid entertained for a while: There are more than 1,000 dinos in its database.