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Did you know it takes 80 years for a crisp packet to decompose?

Did you know that if you iron 150 of them together they can be made into a survival blanket for a homeless person and it will keep their sleeping bag dry and insulated?


Iron Man Survival Blankets is asking for your help.  They are making these blankets and they are collecting now and up to Christmas.


If you would like to help then please wash your empty crisp packets out in soapy water, dry and flatten and then send an amount to the address below:


Iron Man Survival Blankets

37 Marley’s Way



BA11 3NG


This will cost a small amount to you, but you are helping the environment and supporting a good cause.


Many thanks for your support.


Ms Duke

ECO Co-Ordinator.

We are proud to announce that in May 2019 we have been awarded Silver Award Eco School status.

This means we have successfully included environmental education both inside the school and the school grounds ,covering the 9 Eco school topics -ENERGY,TRANSPORT,BIODIVERSITY,HEALTHY LIVING, SCHOOL GROUNDS, BIODIVERSITY, WATER, WASTE, LITTER  AND GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES .

We have a dedicated team called the ECO Council who meet up regularly with Mr Skinner to discuss the environmental issues which affect our school and the wider world and how we can take action! Our motto is: If everyone does a little it will make a BIG difference.


We strongly promote outdoor learning and gardening activities within the school.


Over the last year the Eco Council have worked incredibly hard and focussed on three of the Eco topics in particular. These were waste, transport and litter.


We have worked very hard to reduce our waste with a particular focus on single use plastic. Our first challenge was to reduce the number of mini milk bottles used. We calculated that as a school we used 16,000 mini milk bottles per year. We contacted our provider and asked if we could have reusable cups instead alongside 4 pint milk bottles. We now only use 1,200 bottles per year and we now recycle these.


We have also started a crisp packet recycling scheme in school. We have two bins positioned in the hall and have so far collected over 3000 packets to be sent off and specially recycled by Walkers. We are actually an official drop off location in Basingstoke for anyone to bring their crisp packets. We will send them off for free and they will be turned into items such as park benches, plant pots and even watering cans.


We have also started a pen recycling scheme and will soon be sending off over 1300 pens to be specially recycled instead of ending up in landfill.


Our second focus was on transport. Throughout the year we have taken part in a number of national schemes to help our transport to school become more environmentally friendly. These schemes included walk to school week, bike week, scooter week and most recently a charity walk raising £60 for Brake's charity.


Each half term we have taken part in a litter pick around our school grounds to help our local environment. We have just purchased 30 new litter pickers and will make sure our schools grounds are kept clean from now on and act as a safe environment for local wildlife.


We have achieved an awful lot this year due to the hard work and passion of our Eco Council representatives. Our aim for the 2019/20 school year is to build on these achievements and obtain the prestigious Green Flag award.

School Uniform Swap Shop


This year the Eco Council has been thinking of ways for our school community to become even more environmentally friendly. KS2 came up with the idea of creating a school uniform Swap Shop in the Solar Dome. To help pay for this idea we applied for a grant from Hampshire County Council’s Waste Prevention Community Fund. We have successfully been awarded £450 to put towards this exciting project that will be opened in the New Year. In the meantime, if you have any old school uniforms at home that are no longer needed, please feel free to bring them into school as donations. This will be a free shop for the whole school to use in the hope that fewer school uniforms are thrown away and instead end up in a new home. A huge thank you in advance for any donations received!


Woodland Trust Big Climate Challenge
Throughout December we have also been supporting The Woodland Trust and their Big Climate Fightback. They have launched the UK’s largest mass tree planting campaign – urging the public to pick up their spades and take action on climate change. The Big Climate Fightback aims to get more than a million people in the UK to pledge to plant a tree. The children have taken on being part of this challenge with great enthusiasm and have helped plant 275 tree saplings within our school grounds. These will not only become a brilliant habitat for local wildlife but also be a wonderful way to combat air pollution within our school environment.



A Greener Christmas

On Monday we had an assembly and learnt that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish! We all felt quite shocked by this fact and wanted to try and make an immediate difference. To do this we came up with the idea of sacrificing the Christmas crackers at our school dinner. Although they are great fun they also contain small plastic toys that are often only used for a couple of minutes or are left on the tables as the children go out to play. We wanted to keep up the festive spirit so we replaced the crackers with Christmas chocolate instead. This seemed to be just as popular.