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Build It!

What you need – variety of building materials, for example, blocks, planks, milk crate, gutter pipe, plastic boxes. Props such as cars, small world play people, animals or dinosaurs. Find a suitable place inside or outside.


Make bridges, slopes, and towers for your props. Experiment and set up scenes. Adults could demonstrate and model if required.

Can you make different habitats for the dinosaurs? How many different ways can you make for the cars to travel down your creation? How can the play people get down from the tower? How could you make a house for your small people?



The children are experts at making a wormery, or a house for little creatures.

Let them tell you about it and make a home for some worms. Don’t forget to feed them!

What do they eat? How can you find out? Go on a bug hunt – what can you find? Where does it live? I wonder what it eats to survive...