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Reading Initiative

Park View Primary School - reading Initiative!

Reading can be so rewarding but it can be hard to get started.  The only way to get better is to follow these three steps.


1) Read

2) Read

3) Go back to step one.


We encourage our children to read and enjoy books until they become really familiar with them. 


It is hard to learn to read when everything is new (the story, the pictures and the words).  It's like enjoying a good film the second or third time, you see something new.


To encourage our children, we have created an incentive to read in both Key Stages.


Key Stage One Reading Fairy Tale

Each term, the children will be given a reading journey to complete.  When they read for ten minutes they should colour a dot on their map.  When they have reached the next milestone they should bring their reading records to their teacher to receive a certificate in assembly on Fridays.  If they manage to read to the end of the journey, they will receive a special certificate AND choose a book from a selection to keep forever.  They will get a new journey in the spring term and then the summer term.


If your child manages to read to the end of the journey, they would have read for a whopping 770 minutes!  That's an achievement!

English - Reading

Key Stage Two Reading Raffle

If you can read at least 3 times a week (to an adult at home) your name will go into your class’s sparkling reading raffle box. Every Friday in assembly a lucky winner is drawn from each box and that child gets to choose one of the wonderful brand new books.

You have to be in it to win it!