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SMSC Assembly - The Census

Topic for debate

What information do you think we could collect as a school and what would we do with this information?


These are some questions pupils asked:

What kind of equipment do children need?

Are you happy with the meals you get in school?

What is bullying? Do you know what to do when bullied?

Is there anything you are not happy with?

Why don't we raise money for charities anymore?

How can we improve our school equipment inside and outside?

What equipment would you like to see on the playgound?

What different religions are in the school (may help with the RE)?

Can we choose our own projects?

Do you eat school dinners or packed lunches?  If you would like school dinners what type of foods would you choose?

What is your favourite reading book? (will help with class libraries and school reading books)

Can we have a Summer Fair?

What daily activities should take place at school and how often we do them?

How can we make break time more entertaining?

How many members of staff work at Park view and what are their roles?

How much money has been spent on equipment for PE, Music and for the classrooms?

How many computers does the school have?


Ideas to be taken to School Council to be discussed further….