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Year 1

We warmly welcome you and your child to Year One.  We have an exciting year of learning ahead planned and hope that parents and carers are fully involved.

All the staff at Park View Primary School endeavour to provide an atmosphere which will allow all children the maximum opportunity to learn in a safe, secure and happy environment.


We have planned many interesting and exciting projects for the forth coming year, including ‘How Can I Build the Best Me?’, which is our first project.  We have talked lots about classroom and school expectations.  You will see a big difference in the provision for Year One children as they move through the school year.  We have continued the continuous provision (similar to Year R) and as the children grow and mature this will change to more formal teaching and whole class learning.


We believe that communication between home and school is crucial.  If you have any concerns or wish to share something sensitive with us, we are happy to find time and space to do this.  Please do not hesitate to catch us before or after school for a quick chat (following the social distancing rules), call the office on 01256 322616 or email


Homework Expectations

Please see below information about the homework expectations this year.


Daily Reading - Due to Covid, we will be creating class libraries for reading books. Children will be allowed to choose and take home a book from their class library for home reading. We encourage children to read 4 times a week for 15 minutes. Younger children will need to spend more time reading aloud whilst older or more confident readers may spend some of this time reading independently. Parents are expected to sign the reading record to show their child has read.


Alongside reading books, children will have access to online reading activities and games on our new learning platform being launched in the next few weeks. As part of our catch-up curriculum, weekly reading tasks will be set for your child to complete at home. There will be an expectation to complete these tasks and time in school will be made available for children who have limited access to technology.


We believe that a skill which will set them up for life is reading and so we ask that you read with your child as often as possible with 4 times being a minimum.  This can be in the form of your child reading their school book to you, reading something from home or you reading to them and discussing what has happened in a story or non-fiction text.  Each child has a Reading Fairytale in the front of their reading diary.  Each time they read (or are involved in a book activity) they can colour one of the dots.  When they reach the final dot for that colour, they can show an adult in school to receive a certificate in our Friday assembly.  We like to make reading fun for our children and help them to become familiar with the texts they read.  We ask that children read their books 4 times before changing them so as they know the book well and can develop fluent reading (which is needed for good comprehension).


Phonics – Phonics is taught daily and spellings will be sent home with a mixture of the sounds taught that week and the year 1 common exception words.


PE Kit

For the first half term, children will be asked to wear their PE kits to school on the day they have PE. It is expected that the children will be in full PE kit (burgundy t-shirt and black shorts). They may wear black or grey joggers and a black or grey sweatshirt or their school jumper over their PE kit if it is cold.

Year 1 will be having PE on a Thursday.

If you have any other queries or concerns about your child please do get in touch.

Best wishes

Year 1 Team