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Message from Mrs Roberts

Hi everyone,  

Hope you and your family are well.  How has your week been?  What have you learnt to do that you hadn't done before?   As I said in my last email I learnt how to make a swiss roll - it didn't turn out quite how it should but tasted lovely!  I did not give up trying to make something to roll and I made a 'roule' which is a cheese filled with garlic and herb and then rolled like a swiss roll.  I was glad I did not give up, as it looked just like the ones you buy in the shops.  What is the word beginning with R which means not giving up?  The answer is at the bottom. Also this week I've taken part in a zoom hula hooping lesson and had some lovely walks. 

I hope it won't be long before I see you all.

Mrs Roberts

Answer:  Resilience

Monday 25.05.20

Friday 22nd May- English

Wednesday 20th May- English . Reminder...The maths learning this week was uploaded on Monday

Monday 18th May: English

How did you get on with the Great Fire of London maths last week? This week's maths is about a baker who makes buns for a members of the Royal Family. Can you solve the mystery?'

Monday 18th May

A message from your teachers:


Hi everyone!   Not long now before we will see some of you.  This week for me has been a  busy week, I was in school for three days and managed to spend a lot of time outside.  What home learning have I done since I last contacted you?  I've been doing a lot of reading about people who helped out King Henry VIII, a long time ago.  This week's baking was bakewell tarts and I plan to make a swiss roll this week.  I've taken part in lots of events on the computer, I've done quizzes with my family, chatted to friends, had a meeting and sung a song all with other people.  Look forward to seeing some of you soon, even if it is just to wave to!


Mrs Roberts


This weeks BBC bitesize learning schedule:


Friday 15th May: English

Friday 15th May:



Wednesday 13th May: English

Wednesday 13th May:



Evie Whitear has created this with her Mum at home. This work has taken Evie a long time and we are so proud of all her hard work.

This weeks BBC bitesize lesson schedule:


Monday 11th May- English

Monday 11th May:


Monday 11th May:

Message from your teachers:


Hello everyone!
How are you all doing?  We have been so lucky with such beautiful weather haven't we?  It was lovely to speak to so many of you last week and glad that you are doing well and like you we hope it won't be too long before we are back together.
We hope some of you managed to learn about VE day on Friday. Did you have a go at learning the dance called 'Lindy Hop'?  If you designed a medal to commemorate the end of the war in Europe what did you put on yours?
You have a lot of learning to choose from this week, the learning that we have put on as well as BBC daily bitesize and the online daily phonics which we would recommend you watch.
Take care and do ask an adult to send us the work that you have done, we would love to see them.
Mrs Roberts and Mrs Fay

Friday 8th May:


Wednesday 6th May- Music Lesson

Wednesday 6th May:




Wednesday 6th May- English

This Weeks BBC bitesize lesson schedule:


Monday 4th May: English

Monday 4th May:





Monday 4th May:


Hi Year One,
We hope that you are well.  It was lovely to speak to so many of you last week.  If you would like another chat, please ask a grown-up to call school and put in a request.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Has anyone been doing the lessons on Flotsam?  There are two more left.  I would love to receive some final pieces.
I hope that you enjoyed the learning from the BBC bitesize website.  We thought you would be able to access it more easily than other learning.  What was your favourite lesson?
Did you learn about Martin Luther King?  I thought that the fact that he spent his life trying to make life better for everyone is amazing.  Can you imagine if you couldn't be friends with someone because they have blue coloured eyes, how crazy would that be?  This was just the same.  
Did you remember anything from our previous learning on Judaism?  For example, Passover and the Sedar Plate.
Take care and remember to keep looking after each other.
Love from Mrs Fay and Mrs Roberts



Friday 1st May- English:

Friday 1st May:




Here are some lovely ideas to help you focus and feel good.

Wednesday 28th April- English

Wednesday 29th April:



Monday 27th April:




Below is the weekly timetable for the BBC bitesize website. 


Monday 27th April: Online Phonics classes

Monday 27th April:





Monday 27th April. English:

Monday 27th April:


A message from your teachers:


Howdy, peeps!  It's been too long.  I really hope that you are well and are looking after your family.  I hope that you are making lots of memories and taking lots of photographs.  Your children and grandchildren will be asking you all about the time when we couldn't go out and had to stay two metres apart; strange times!


My family and I have been for a few bike rides and walks, we've been doing a bit of baking and a lot of gardening.  Now that we are in term time, I have to do more learning with my own children and continue planning some fun tasks for you guys!


Stay safe.

Love Mrs Fay


Hi everyone!

Firstly, thank you for sending me emails to let me know what you have been up to.  I have really enjoyed receiving them.  I hope you have managed to get out and enjoy it safely.  Last week I learnt how to do a story on YouTube and I have read another story for you to listen to.  All you need to do is click on the link -

As you know I find drawing and painting difficult so this week's learning I have tried hard to improve my skills.  I have painted a picture using watercolour.  I found it tricky but kept going and I got better. 

I have also learnt how to cut Mr Robert's hair this week - I've never done that before. It was quite a shock when I could see the hair falling to the floor!

I was in school last week and we made some super, colourful kites and then took them outside to try out.  They flew really well.

What have you learnt to do this week that you haven't done before?

Looking forward to more learning next week and letting you know what I have been up to.

Mrs Roberts

Friday 24th April:




Friday 24th April- English

Wednesday 22nd April:



Monday 20th April:



A message from your teachers



Below is a youtube channel showing Mrs Roberts reading stories. Mrs Roberts loves reading stories to her class and so has created her own youtube account so you can all enjoy listening to the stories.





Friday 17th April- ELSA activity:


A ‘worry monster’ is a great opportunity for children to share any worries they may have during this time. Children can design their own worry monster and then tell their worries to it.






Practice reading and writing these common exception words:





Friday 17th April:





Wednesday 15th April:


A message from your teachers



Hi Everyone!

How are you all?  Isn't the weather beautiful?  The deer in my garden haven't come back this week, however I have seen foxes and lots of squirrels.  As there are not many cars around at the moment I have been spending time listening to what I can hear.  So far there have been lots of different birds, even heard and saw a woodpecker in the grass.  If you have a garden or you get to go out why don't you have a listen to what you can hear.  When the sun has been too hot, I've started making a family tree - I've managed to find people related to me going back to 1730. That's nearly 300 years ago!  I have been in contact with Mrs Murphy and she is well and we both are thinking about you all.  Remember to send us an email and let us know what you have been up to

Take care

Mrs Roberts






Easter Weekend

Friday 10th April and Monday 13th April:


Happy Easter weekend to you all, we hope you're all safe, happy and showing kindness to your families. Below is home learning for the Easter Weekend.






Wednesday 8th April:


A message from your teachers:

Week beginning Monday 6th April


Hey, Otters!  Man, I'm missing you so much!  I was lucky enough to be in school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and saw a couple of Otters.  I can't wait until life goes back to normal; being a teacher for my own two children (Alistair and Mary) isn't as much fun as being your teacher.


Thank you to Catherine who sent me a video of her singing 'Three Little Birds', it was her own singing assembly. If you have something special you'd like to share, please send it to the office email ( who will send it on to me.


Don't forget to...


...and we'll be back before you know it!


Stay safe and well.  Love and hugs, Mrs Fay




Hello Rabbits!


This is really different isn't it.  I never thought I would be talking to you through the website.  

I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to.  I finished my new jigsaw puzzle, that took a long time as one of the pieces had fallen off and hidden itself in the carpet!  I have been watching two deer that have been turning up in our garden each evening and morning, we've never had that before so we are enjoying seeing them. I am trying to do Joe Wick's exercise when I can - have you  tried it yet?  I was in school last week and we made some lovely pictures and have got some more ideas for when I'm in next; I will let you know about them when I next write to you.  If you want to let me know what you have been up to you can email me at

Take care - stay well and be kind to the adults in your home.

Mrs Roberts


Monday 6th April:


Music Lesson 6th April

Home Learning Ideas:


April 2nd- Music Lesson

3rd April:



2nd April- ELSA activity

I know it’s a hard time at the moment, but you’re doing amazing! You’re all wonderful in so many different ways, here is an activity to recognise all the positives in yourselves. After you’ve completed it about yourself, why not complete it on a member of your family too? I’m sure it would put a big smile on their face.





Below is a link to access phonics games. 

Click on the link that says 'GAMES' at the top right of the page.


Language links:

Below is a link to assist with your child's speech, language and communication needs.


Wednesday 1st April:





Monday 30th March:


Monday 23rd March:


Wednesday 25th March, 


Hi everyone, hope you're okay and keeping busy at home with your home learning packs. Have you tried Joe Wicks- The body coach on every week day at 9am on his free youtube channel. It is great and keeping us teachers nice and healthy. 


Below are the Year 1 tasks for today. 


Friday 27th March



Enjoy this KS1 Music lesson 25.3.20


Welcome back!  We hope that you had a wonderful half term break.

Our topic enquiry question is…

Is there a perfect Animal?

We will be launching our topic with a scavenger hunt; looking for animals and plants in the local environment.  Don’t forget the wellies!

In this topic we will be looking at animals in different subjects, particularly in English.  This also links to Geography, where we will be studying maps and globes.

Science is linked to Materials.  We will be looking at properties and testing elements to find good materials for making animal toys.

Art will be linked to nature but we will be looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy (an artist who uses the outdoors as his inspiration).

Computing will be focused on painting skills and creating an e-book.  We will be using a paint program.  The project is called ‘We are Painters’.

Our R.E. concept is ’welcoming’ and we will be studying the Christian celebration of Palm Sunday.

Our landing will be an Animal Catwalk of our toys.  Parents will be invited to see the recorded event.

Our PE days are Mondays and Tuesday/Wednesdays.  Please ensure that your child has a named kit in school for these days.  PE kits should have dark shorts, a maroon t-shirt and well-fitting plimsolls.

We believe that communication between home and school is crucial.  If you have any concerns or wish to share something sensitive with us, we are happy to find time and space to do this.  Please do not hesitate to catch us after school for a quick chat or arrange a time with us or the school office if you’d like to speak privately.

Year 1 have been learning about the story of Passover.


We thought about how we remember important events. We tasted the food from the Seder plate.



In science, as part of our Great Fire of London topic, Year 1 have been learning about materials.  We did two different experiments to see how strong and how absorbent the materials were and which would be best to build houses.

Our families joined us for an afternoon to make houses that we would have seen in 1666.





Year 1 identified appropriate places for a peace garden in their playground. The Year 1 children practiced creating a plan by using doll house furniture to create a bedroom plan.

Look at what Year 1 have been learning