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Year 2

Friday 29.05.20
Wednesday 27.05.20

Monday 25.05.20

Friday 22nd May: Home learning

Wednesday 20th May: Home Learning

Monday 18th May: Home learning

Nathaniel from Foxes class sent some of his learning for me to see. Isn't it great? Well done, Nathaniel!! 


Nathaniel wanted to show some of his creations and school work, He made a solar oven to make some smores in the sunshine!



Monday 18th May

A message from your teachers:



Hello Everyone, We all hope you're doing really well and just want to remind you all, how very proud of you all we are. 

We hope you are enjoying the BBC bitesize learning as well as your weekly learning set by Mr Dale and myself. You were learning about Asia last week, what was the most interesting fact you learnt? 

All of the Year 2 team had a meeting ( over the computer) this week and everyone is well but we all miss you very much. 

Keep working hard guys and remember to send any messages to us via the school office email. 


The Year 2 team 

Monday 18th May

This Weeks BBC bitesize learning schedule:


Friday 15th May: Home Learning

Wednesday 13th May: Home Learning

Monday 11th May:

The BBC bitesize home learning schedule for you this week. 


Monday 11th May : Home learning

Monday 11th May

Message from your teachers:



Hi Everyone, 

We hope you're all keeping busy and enjoying the quality time with your loved ones. Did you do anything to celebrate VE day? Mr Dale was in school and held an afternoon tea for the children who were in school and Mrs Ferrin decorated her garden with bunting and had a bbq in the glorious sunshine. 

We hope you are all enjoying the home learning we are putting together for you on the website. Are you enjoying the BBC bitesize resources? The facts about the plants looked really interesting and carried on from our learning in school, which Mr Dale and I thought was really exciting. Any exciting home learning you would like to share with us, please send to the office at school and they will forward it to us. 

All the year 2 team really miss you all but are unbelievably proud of each and every one of you. 

Friday 8th May: Home Learning

Wednesday 6th May- Music Lesson

Wednesday 6th May- Home Learning

Monday 4th May:

This weeks home learning schedule for BBC bitesize 


Monday 4th May- Home Learning

Monday 4th May:


Hello Year 2. We miss you all and Mr Dale and I really enjoyed talking to you and your family over the phone, you all seemed happy and well and it made us miss you even more than we already do. 

We hope you are enjoying all the lessons we are providing on the website and also the BBC bitesize lessons. Did you find out anything interesting about Neil Armstrong? Did you know that Neil. A spelt backwards spells out the word, Alien. Mr Dale and I found the lessons about the different coins and the value of money really fun and interesting and we hope you all felt the same.

We can't wait to hear about what you have been doing. 


Take care and speak soon 

The Year 2 team 

Friday 1st May- Home Learning:

Here are some lovely ideas to help you focus and feel good!

Wednesday 29th April- Home Learning

Monday 27th April:




Below is the weekly timetable for the BBC bitesize website.


Monday 27th April- Phonics home learning

Monday 27th April: Home learning

Monday 27th April:

Message from your teachers


Hi Everyone, How are you all? All the Year 2 team are missing you all and we are really proud of you all. We hope that you are finding the work on the website helpful and that you're enjoying working through it. 

Mrs Ferrin baked a lemon drizzle cake last week and it was really delicious, she was reading the instructions a step at a time so she didn't get confused. Mr Dale has been busy painting his house and also cleaning his patio with a pressure washer. All the year 2 team are missing you all and we look forward to hearing from you. 

All our love


The Year 2 team 

Friday 24th April:









Wednesday 22nd April:






Write a paragraph describing the summer setting below. Use the following in your description:

Common exception words

Noun phrases ( adjective and then noun ) 

contractions ( couldn't, didn't etc) 

commas in a list 

ly suffix ( words ending in ly) 








Monday 20th April:





Above are different beasties. Describe these beasties using noun phrases ( adjective and then a noun) e.g. green skin, sharp claws, pink cheeks etc. 

Put these into a sentence and use commas and conjunctions e.g. The beastie has green claws, blue eyes and rosy pink cheeks. 



A message from your teachers



Hi everyone! All the year 2 team hope you're all keeping well and working hard at home. The weather has been stunning hasn't it? Mrs Ferrin enjoyed a bbq in the garden ( her first bbq this year) and Mr Dale has been working hard painting different rooms in his house. How have you been keeping busy? We miss all of you and as we keep saying, we are really proud of each and every one of you! 

The Year 2 team 

Friday 17th April- ELSA activity:


A ‘worry monster’ is a great opportunity for children to share any worries they may have during this time. Children can design their own worry monster and then tell their worries to it.




Friday 17th April:







Wednesday 15th April:






Practice reading and writing all the common exception words, get a member of your family to test you on them. Why don't you try and include a selection of them into a sentence?



A message from your teachers



Hi everyone, how are you all? We all hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your families. Mrs Ferrin did an Easter egg hunt around the garden and Mr Dale ate lots of chocolate and finished reading his book. We all want to say that we are missing you and we hope you are keeping safe and showing your family just what an amazing learner you are. 

The weather is gorgeous isn't it? So sunny and bright, are you looking at all the different plants and insects when you go for your walks? Maybe you could sketch a picture of one of the plants you saw.

We miss you all and are very proud of you. 


The Year 2 team 



Easter Weekend

Friday 10th April and Monday 13th April:


Happy Easter weekend to you all, we hope you're all safe, happy and showing kindness to your families. Below is home learning for the Easter Weekend.







Write a selection of sentences describing the weather. Make sure you use adjectives, noun phrases, common exception words, conjunctions e.g. also, and . 



Wednesday 8th April:




A message from your teachers

Week beginning Monday 6th April:


Hi Fabulous Foxes and Wonderful Woodpeckers, Mrs Ferrin, Mr Dale and all the Year 2 team are missing you all. We are all keeping in touch with eachother through face time and text messages and we all share the same pride towards you all. We know this is a different and strange time but we are very proud of you all for being so resilient and positive. 

Keep working hard and make sure you use all the resources on the year group page to keep you busy.

Stay in touch and let us know what you have been learning and doing at home. 

All our love

The Year 2 team. 




Monday April 6th:




April 6th Music Lesson

Home Learning Ideas:



Number of the Day

Below is a blank Number of the Day. The children complete one every morning when they enter the class. All you need to do is write a different number (under 100) in the middle and let your child do the rest. Good luck!



2nd April- Music Lesson

3rd April:



2nd April- ELSA activity

I know it’s a hard time at the moment, but you’re doing amazing! You’re all wonderful in so many different ways, here is an activity to recognise all the positives in yourselves. After you’ve completed it about yourself, why not complete it on a member of your family too? I’m sure it would put a big smile on their face.






Wednesday 1st April:





Remember to learn the spellings of your common exception words. Get a member of your family to test you!

Monday 30th March:




Friday 27th March:



This maths should be familiar to you. Dip and Pick! Good luck :)


Reading Workshop


Brain Teaser:

Sally has 34 sweets , Bella has 43 sweets and Jamie has 24 sweets. Who has the fewest sweets?


Brain Buster:

Jon has fewer than 50 sweets but more than each of the three children in the brain teaser. How many sweets could Jon have? 



' Soon Anna could juggle with three balls. It took her another year to be able to do it with four. By then it was easy, so she tried with much more difficult things like bottles and cups. She had to stop using the cups, as she broke so many we didn't have enough left to drink from' 


1. Why did Anna use bottles and cups for juggling balls? 




Wednesday 25th March:




Brain Teaser: 

John does his homework . He writes some numbers in words. Mark the spelling for him whether it is correct or not


a. fourty six

b. ninety eight 

c. twenty one

d. fivety six


Brain Buster:

Lucy writes an even number between 56 and 60 in words. What could it be?



Write a paragraph describing the weather. Using the following

A conjunction- also, and , as well 

An adjective- describing word

Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops

The word 'because' 

ly suffix- a word ending with ly. 


Due to the current situation, Park View Primary School will be updating the class pages with work for you to do at home with your children. These pages will be updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday




Below is a link to access phonics games. 

Click on the link that says 'GAMES' at the top right of the page.


Language links:

Below is a link to assist with your child's speech, language and communication needs.




Answers and tips for parents:


A noun is a place, person or thing. If a noun is the name of a person, place, day or month it starts with a capital letter


1A. Mr Patel

1B. Tuesday 


2A. Menorca

2B. February 

2C. Preston , River Ribble 



Brain Teaser - 18 shoes ( a pair is two and 9 x 2) 

Brain Buster- 100p in a £1 and 10 x 10 = 100 so it would be 10 weeks 



Mexican food tasting.

'World Book Day in Year 2'

In Art we learnt about Piet Mondrian. We learnt about how Mondrian used primary colours, black and white lines to create his abstract art. We talked about what primary colours are and named things that were that colour.


We looked at Mondrian's Trafalgar Square painting and discussed how the painting made us feel and why we liked it.



Year 2’s enquiry question this half term is ‘Where in the world would you rather be?’ Through this exciting new topic the children will be learning about a non-European country and comparing the human and physical features to that of the United Kingdom.

In science the children will be identifying and naming a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats. In ICT the children will create and debug simple programs and software.

In DT the children will be learning about cooking and nutrition and they will make and sample food from the countries they are researching. We will also be discussing the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet.

We were really excited to be visited by an Olympian athlete called Fred. He is running in the 2020 Olympics and shared his inspirational story to success and also promoted the idea of resilience.


Here are a few pictures of Year 2 enjoying the exercise.


Look at what Year 2 have been learning...