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Year 3

Monday 25.05.20

Friday 22nd May: Maths

Friday 22nd May: English

Wednesday 20th May- Project

Wednesday 20th May- Maths

Wednesday 20th May- English

Monday 18th May: English

Monday 18th May: Maths

Monday 18th May

This weeks BBC Bitesize learning schedule:


Year Three

Good morning Year Three parents and carers!

We hope you are well and that our lovely year 3 children are looking after you. We know that at this strange and uncertain time, it can be challenging to complete the all the home learning. Remember not to be hard on yourselves and keep doing what you can! The most important thing is that you are all looking after yourselves.

There are many helpful online resources you can access to help you along this journey.

Please use this BBC link below to support with home teaching.

Stay safe and keep smiling. smiley


Many thanks

Miss Etherington, Miss Halewood-Dodd and Mr Tuffe

A Big Hello from Us!

Hello children! We hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend, whilst remaining safe! We hope you like the activities this week and remember we only want you to try your best! If you are finding some of the work a little bit tricky then please don’t worry just do what you can J Keep shining, keep smiling and we will be in touch very soon!


The Year 3 Team x

ELSA 29.04.20 -Here are some lovely ideas to help you focus and feel good!:)

BBC timetable 27.04.20

A ‘worry monster’ is a great opportunity for children to share any worries they may have during this time. Children can design their own worry monster and then tell their worries to it.

  Year 3 Spring 2 2020

Can a little person make a BIG difference?

This half term we will be asking a big question to find out how we can make a difference. We will be researching influential children that have made positive changes. Firstly, we will be writing a letter to persuade our school to make first aid training for all pupils and staff compulsory. This will help us to make BIG a difference. In Science, we will be learning about solids, liquids and gases. We will explore different materials and describe how they change state. Our Geography topic will be learning map skills and completing fieldwork in our local area.

Year 3 Spring 1  2020

Romans Rotten or revolutionary?

We are learning about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79 and writing eye witness reports for a news reporter. We will be developing our sketching skills to sketch landscapes of Mount Vesuvius and painting in a mosaic style. After this, we will use paper paper tiles to create the image of Mount Vesuvius as a collage mosaic.Our topic in Science this term is light; we will create sundials and use these as the Romans did! As well as this,we will be learning how shadows are formed and change depending on distance. We are looking forward to our Rotten Roman adventure.




Learning about magnets.

Wonderful Word Day

Toys come to life in Year 3. What are they up to?

Year 3 Autumn Term 1 2019




This half term Year 3 will be thinking about what our toys really get up to while our backs are turned! To start the learning off, all the children will be able to bring in their favourite toys. This will give the toys an opportunity to have a sleepover and get up to some mischief. Once the toys have had their sleepovers, Year 3 will write a story to share what happened to their toy. All of our stories will be assembled into a book. Instruction writing is another writing journey the children will be completing. The children will be creating instructions for toys that do not yet know ‘how to come to life’. In Science, the children will learn all about magnets. The children will be given an opportunity to make their very own magnet games to play to better understand magnetic forces and appreciate the limitations of magnets. During D.T, the children will create their own hand puppets and they will learn precise stitching skills. These puppets will be used for a puppet show to entertain the Year 4 children.


Year 3 Team