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Year 3

For more detail on our curriculum, long-term plans and what we teach each term, please visit our curriculum page.

Eye Witness Reports

Year 3 have been learning how to write an Eye Witness report through the view point of someone living in Pompeii at the time when Mount Vesuvius erupted. Enjoy some of the reports below.

Mosaic Art

Summer Term 1

Making Pizzas (DT)

Spring 2 Learning

Inspired by Danebury Hill Fort

Science - investigating if materials are transparent, translucent or opaque

Science - exploring torch light

Spring 1

Parents visit our Museum of the Stone Age

Celebration of Home Learning Tasks

Experience day: discovering Prehistoric life

Topic cover for the second half of Autumn Term

Science - Feeding Relationships

In Science we have been learning about food chains.

We have explored how changes to a food chain can affect the biodiversity in a habitat. 

Our first topic



Year 3 – Homework


Each week we would like you to:

  • Read with your child and sign their reading diaries
  • Work with your child with their spellings for the week


Below you will find a selection of activities that you may like to do with your child.  Although these are encouraged they are optional and will extend your child’s learning during our project sessions.


Please could any homework be brought in to be celebrated with the class during the week 18th October 2021



  • Draw a map of your route to school. 

What symbols can you use?


  • Write about a place that you have visited in Basingstoke.  E.g.  A trip to Milestones Museum


  • Draw or make a food chain that you have seen in your garden


  • What materials are recycled in your area? 

                What have you recycled this week?


  • Make a postcard about somewhere that you have visited in Basingstoke.

Welcome to Year 3


Friday 3rd September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


Why am I proud to live in Basingstoke?

Hello everyone! We are looking forward to seeing you all in the new term. We have some exciting things planned for you! This half term Year 3 will be looking at our environment and why it is so special – why are we proud to live in Basingstoke?  In English, we will be thinking about what our sneaky toys really get up to while our backs are turned. Year 3 will be using our key text ‘The Clockwork Dragon’ as a stimulus to create a piece of writing about toys coming to life. This will include innovating the key text to make it our own and writing instructions on how a toy can come to life. In maths, we will be consolidating our number knowledge by focusing on place value. We will also explore how to partition numbers using different strategies. Opportunities for reading will be plentiful throughout the day, with daily class read-aloud and discussions and paired reading in the afternoons. Daily wellbeing activities will also feature during this half term to ensure our children are calm, confident and content learners.


Homework Expectations

Please see below information about the homework expectations this year.

Daily Reading - We encourage children to read 4 times a week for 10 minutes. Parents are expected to sign the reading record to show their child has read and this will then fed into our school incentives and reward system.

Alongside reading books, children will continue to have access to Reading Eggs, the online reading activities and games on our new learning platform. There will also be an optional homework task set on Reading Eggs, this will start on the week commencing the 20th September.

Spelling – Daily spelling or phonics is taught discretely in our classes. In these spelling sessions, children will learn spelling patterns to help them learn new words. Children will have a copy of their weekly spellings for the term in their reading record. Children are tested on their word lists each week; words that they have spelt correctly are highlighted in their reading records.


Maths – As with the reading, the online learning platform, My Maths will be available to access and homework tasks may be set using this.


Foundation subjects – There will be a list of additional homework that you may want to do with your child to support their learning.  This will be sent out shortly and will be also be able to be found on the school website.


PE Kit

It is expected that the children will bring in full PE kit (burgundy t-shirt and black shorts). They may wear black or grey joggers and a black or grey sweatshirt or their school jumper over their PE kit if it is cold.  Year 3 will be having PE on a Wednesday and a Friday. We will be starting with football.


If you have any other queries or concerns about your child please do get in touch.


Best wishes

Year 3 team

Mrs Pfende and Mrs Roberts