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Year 4

Message from your teachers:

Hello everyone,

Its half term!! I hope you will take a little rest but continue with your home learning. The weather has been kind so make the most of it. Missing you loads. Stay safe and have fun!

Mrs Pfende

Dear children and families,

Hope you are all keeping well. Don't forget to keep sending us emails showing all the fantastic home learning you have been doing and any new skills you have learned. We miss you.  Stay Safe! Miss White



Wednesday 20th May: Geography

Home Learning for the week. The Activities set below are for you to work through for the whole week, take your time and do not rush!

Monday 18th May:

A message from your teachers:


It was so lovely to speak to you all this week. I have been very impressed by how much work you have been doing and all the skills you have been learning, some children have been learning how to ride a bike without stabilisers, learning to play chess, writing letters to family and lots and lots of baking and cooking going on as well as all the home learning. I am very proud of you all and a big well done to your parents, they're also are doing a fantastic job! Bravo Parents!. Hope to see you all very soon!

Take care of each other and be safe! Miss White.

Monday 18th May

This weeks BBC Bitesize learning schedule:


Hello Lovely Year 4,

We hope you had a lovely VE day with your families. I ate quite a lot on that day :)The weather seems to be kind to us most of the time , so enjoy it too. I have been walking a lot and I think I quite enjoy it so much. Our systems have not been working well, hence the delay in our posts.Make use of the BBC timetables whenever we have hiccups with the server.  You are still missed and I am always hopeful.

Mrs Pfende


Message for Amazing Amethyst,

I will be calling those children who I didn't get around to calling from school last week.I hope to, and am looking forward to speaking to as many of you as I can during this week.

Miss White





Here are some lovely ideas to help you focus and feel good!:)

A ‘worry monster’ is a great opportunity for children to share any worries they may have during this time. Children can design their own worry monster and then tell their worries to it.

Year 4 Home learning- Monday 23rd March 2020


Year 4 English Home Learning

Plurals for words ending in o

Add ‘s’ if the letter before o is a vowel e.g. radio- radios

 Add ‘es’ if the letter before o is a consonant e.g tomato- tomatoes













 Use three of your words in sentences



Maths Home Learning -23rd March 2020


We know that there are 100 pence in a pound £.

So we can change pennies to pounds by dividing by 100.

Digits move 2 places to the right.

134p = £ 1.34                                     9050p = £90.50






















225p = £

514p = £

302p =£

1019p =£                                                                                                                                            


54p = £

105p =£


Now change these amounts to pence by multiplying by 100. Use the place value grid as above. This time digits move 2 places to the left.

£.1.25= 125p








Extension: Use the skills you have learned last week to work this out.

Read the question carefully.

Amir buys some clothes in a half- price sale.

  • Jumper £14
  • Scarf £7
  • Hat £2.50
  • T-Shirt £6.50

What would the full price of each item be? How  much would he have paid altogether if they were full price?




Year 4 Spring 2 2020

This half term, Year 4 will be going back in time to the Vikings settlements. The children will gather information to answer the question, ‘Would you survive a Viking Invasion?’ They will have the opportunity to dress up and work with the Viking visitor on the 25th of March. On this day, they will play Viking games, be involved in battles, listen to stories and have an experience of artefacts. In English, children’s work will be around the class text - Riddle of the Runes. Children will explore narrative skills and be able to use these to produce a chapter for the book. In poetry, they will write Viking poetry and will have a chance to perform their poems to an audience. In PSHE, children will look at keeping safe and managing risk. This is quite important as children use internet more in their learning. DT will be fun as children will be exploring pulleys and gears, we cannot wait to see their products. In ICT, they will be exploring the theme - We are Musicians - we are looking forward to some exciting tunes they will create. Finally, in PE they will be doing hockey and dance.  Have a look at our curriculum map for more information.

Year 4 Spring 1 2020


How did Anglo-Saxons change Britain?

This half term year 4 will be learning about how the invasion of the Anglo Saxons changed the way of life of the British people. To start the project off children will go to Winchester Cathedral to experience Anglo Saxon history and the beginning of the early church through the buildings and real life artefacts. Children will write recounts based on their visit in English and in History they will do lot of activities that will help them to understand the significant historical changes. They will do a lot of drama and discussions to make things come to life.  In D.T children will create tiles based on the patterns they experienced at the cathedral. In Science, children will be learning about the digestive system and healthy eating. Children will have a lot of fun exploring history.

Drama in English lessons- We read play scripts to each other before we wrote our own scripts. So much fun !

Learning about light and shadows

In Year 4, we have created our own sea creature and we have written a non-chronological report about them.  We water coloured a background to enhance our writing.

Year 4  Autumn Term 2 2019

This half term in Year 4 our project is called, ‘Do you believe in magic?’ and our concept is ‘Happiness’.

The children will be learning a lot throughout the half term and here are a few of the plans in place.

In English the children will be looking at the features of play scripts and creating their own, writing newspaper reports from when Hook captured the Darling children from the play Peter Pan and creating their own poems.

Also, the children will be looking at the local history of theatre within Basingstoke. In Art, they will be creating silhouettes and in Science they will be learning all about light and shadow.

We are looking forward to teaching the children this new Project.


Year 4 Team

Year 4 Autumn Term 1 2019


This half term in Year 4, the project enquiry question is, ‘What will our world look like when we are 50 years old?’


Throughout the half term the children will be looking at the effects that plastics pollution has in their community and throughout the wider world.  The children will be collecting recyclable plastics from home and they will be creating a plastic sculpture garden to be displayed in an outside area in the school.


The children and the staff of Year 4 look forward to showing you their learning outcome at the end of the half term.


Year 4 Team

S Barnard     C Duke     C White