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Year 5

Hello Year 5 lovelies!

We hope that you are enjoying the sunny weather and the slight ease of lockdown restrictions. Make sure that you take the time to appreciate being outdoors, but remember to follow social distancing guidelines and keep washing your hands frequently.

Some year groups will be returning to school next week. If that goes well, we are hoping that we may be able to see you back in school before the end of July. We are missing you all and look forward to seeing you all again.

There is some work here for you, but remember to keep baking and crafting too.

Stay safe,

Mrs Fox, Miss Fletcher & Miss Russell

Friday 22nd May: SPAG

Friday 22nd May: Home learning

Wednesday 20th May: Home Learning

Wednesday 20th May: English

Monday 18th May- Home learning

Monday 18th May

A message from your teachers:




Monday 18th May

This weeks BBC Bitesize learning schedule:


Hello Year 5 Lovelies,


It has been lovely speaking to so many of you this week. Hopefully those we couldn't get through to are safe, well and working hard. It is great to know that so many of you are keeping up with the work that we are posting for you each week. I know that several of the people I spoke to were keen to start learning about space. We will start our new topic on Wednesday this week. If any of you want to make a model of a space ship, a planet or even the solar system, that would be out of this world! 👍😅 


Keep smiling and being awesome.

We miss you.


Mrs Fox, Miss Fletcher & Miss Russell



Hello year 5,


The time has come to start thinking about PGL!

It is an unbelievably fun week with lots of different things for you to try and push yourself to do things you never thought you would.

Below are some pictures of the fantastic activities you could take part in during the week. The giant swing is a favourite of so many; you can choose the height you get pulled to and then drop and swing…it’s definitely a tummy turner! Another great activity is the trapeze. Scared of heights? You won’t be after this. Climb as high as you want and when you’re ready, jump and hit the ball. Rumour has it, if you can break the ball, you win the money inside. Other activities include: archery, zip wire, Jacob’s ladder, abseiling, rock climbing and so many more. Trust me, you’ll be exhausted by the Friday!


Now, we know that one of the main worries is the food. Will there be things you like? The simple answer is yes! The selection of food is great and you have the chance to try new foods and if you don’t like it, there will be other options. You get 3 big meals a day and they certainly give you enough energy to take part in the activities.


As for rooms, you’ll be in a shared room of 4-6 children, girls and boys will be in separate rooms and every room has its own bathroom as well. We will take into account who you would like to be with and will ensure that you are with at least one of those friends. You will spend some free time in your rooms but mostly you’ll only be in there to sleep and wash. Prizes may be offered for the tidiest and cleanest rooms!


The PGL site is huge and includes so many facilities for us to use while we’re there. In the evenings, there will be a different group activity each day. To name a few, you could be doing a quiz, disco or hide and seek. There is also a shop on site where you will have the opportunity to buy a souvenir or some treats for yourself. Every activity will be led by a PGL leader. All of whom are very enthusiastic and encourage you to do your best.


It will be soon be time to sign up! Don't panic as there will be places available for all of you! Our recommendation…definitely give it a go! I guarantee you won’t regret going. :) 



Mrs Fox, Miss Russell and Miss Fletcher

A ‘worry monster’ is a great opportunity for children to share any worries they may have during this time. Children can design their own worry monster and then tell their worries to it.

Friday 15.05.20

Maths Equivalent Fractions Worksheet (attached)

English Create a plan for your story: beginning, build up, conflict, resolution and ending. Use notes, not full sentences.

Topic Music – Gustav Holst – Watch the Dick and Dom video

Wednesday 13th May

Maths Common Equivalent Fractions Powerpoint (attached)

English Space themed stories
Read some of the space themed 500 word stories. Begin to think about your own space themed story

Topic Watch the video  Complete the attached labelling activity


Monday 11th May

Maths BBC Bitesize Calculating Area

English BBC Bitesize Writing a Formal Report

Topic BBC Bitesize Who was Tutankhamun?

BBC time table 27.04.20

Friday 24.04.20

Good morning Year 5

Choose spellings from the list and practise them .

Have a debate with someone in your house - or use social media to talk to someone else. Use the debate cards to promote discussion.

Music 06.04.20


We’re still thinking about each and every one of you. Well done for coming back and still carrying on your work… you’re AMAZING!

Enjoy your work this week and remember that we only want you to be trying your best.


Miss Fletcher, Miss Russell and Mrs Fox


Monday 23 .03.2020

English – Write the opening to your Greek Myth – consider setting and character

Maths – Sieve of thingy! (attached)

Project– Draw a picture of Medusa


Wednesday 25.03.2020
English – Write the build-up and the problem sections to your Greek myth.

Maths – Bigger numbers always have more factors – Always, Sometimes, Never

Project – Research – What is the Parthenon


Friday 25.03.2020

English – Write the resolution and ending to your Greek myth.

Maths – On a hundred square, identify the multiples of 2, 3, 6 and 10 - circle the common multiples

Project- Find out about Hercules – What 12 tasks did he have to perform?

Plus some ongoing useful sites:







23.03.20 Maths Homework attachment

Year 5 Spring Term -Is it ever right to do the wrong thing?

We designed our own country and we shared information in groups.It was exciting!

Friday 4th October 2019


Should we save the rainforest?


Today Ruby Class debated this question using our evidence finding lesson from yesterday. We spoke with expression and passion when sharing our thoughts and had a very fiery, enjoyable debate! We were learning to discuss a topic and justify our view and opinions.



We used the following phrases to help us to think of our views.

In my view…

My opinion is…

I believe that…


I agree with … because…

I agree with …and would like to add…

That is an interesting point because…

I would like to build on _____’s point of view


I would like to challenge that opinion because …

I disagree with… because…

 My view is different because …

I respect your opinion, however…


Tell me more about…

What has led you to think this?

What evidence do you have to support this?

Drama - Should we save the rainforest?


  Year 5 Autumn 1 2019

What makes a country rich? Well that is what we are investigating: our learning is focusing on us gaining new knowledge; looking closely at the diversity of the UK and comparing it to South America. We are going to dive into social, cultural, environmental differences in order to develop our own, educated, view point and answer our enquiry question.

This term’s learning will build up to us creating our very own countries where we can apply our new skills and thinking. We will celebrate our learning by holding a travel fayre with local travel agents where we will pitch our countries to our friends and family for them to sign up to and visit. Bring on the wealth of learning this term!