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Year 6

Friday 22nd May: English

Friday 22nd May: Maths

Friday 22nd May


Home Learning : 



Alphabet challenge! 

Today we would like you to create a list of words, if you can one for each letter of the alphabet. These words need to describe how you've felt at different points throughout the lockdown as a reminder of the highs and lows and the more positive things yet to come. 

E.g. A = anxious R = resilient 

Wednesday 20th May:


Wednesday 20th May: Maths

Wednesday 20th May: English

Monday 18th May: English

Monday 18th May: Maths

Monday 18th May 2020

Positive mind set:

Today we would like you to draw a picture of yourself and around the outside add all the things you’re good at and the things you like about yourself. I know you can get lots!

When you’re finished, get a different colour pen or pencil and get someone else in your house to add to it. You can do this for all the people in your house.


When it is completed, have a read and look at just how amazing you are!

Monday 18th May

A message from your teachers:


Good morning you lovely lot!:)

Another week of online fun! I hope you’ve managed to get out for some fresh air and exercise over the weekend.

Keep going, you have no idea just how proud we are of all of you and hopefully it won’t be long until we can see you again!

Miss Howick and Miss Thain J

Monday 18th May

This weeks BBC Bitesize learning schedule:


Bonjour 6s! J

Anyone eaten all their Easter chocolate yet or is it just me….?

Hopefully you are all keeping well and safe and aren’t annoying your parents too much! J

A ‘worry monster’ is a great opportunity for children to share any worries they may have during this time. Children can design their own worry monster and then tell their worries to it.

Friday 1.05.20

Wednesday 29.04.20

Project 27.04.20

These are useful links - scroll down to the bottom for examples of brochures.


These 4 travel websites all take a slightly different approach to persuading people to visit London.

Music 06.04.20

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning year 6! J Here’s task number 2, we hope you’re all alright and still working hard. Make sure you stay positive and do as many fun things as you can as well.

Miss Howick and Miss Thain


English task:

Direct and reported speech

Remember direct speech should include inverted commas at the beginning and end and any punctuation goes inside these.

e.g. “I cannot believe what is going on,” our neighbour said sadly.

Reported speech is reporting on what someone else has said and is not a direct quote from them. It does not need inverted commas.

e.g. Our neighbour had told us that he couldn’t believe what was going on.



Write 6 sentences using direct speech and then change these into reported speech. Try changing the place of who said it (before or after the speech) and use a range of synonyms for said.



Write a short story that includes examples of direct and indirect speech about a topic of your choice. Here are some ideas if you’re stuck:

  • Your character finds something unusual
  • Your character is going on the holiday of their dreams
  • Your character is in a natural disaster
  • Your character gets stuck somewhere



Maths Homework 25th March 2020


Monday 23rd March

Good morning you lot! If you’re reading this then well done! We’re going to put different Maths and English tasks on here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for you. Keep working hard and we’ll see you all soon :D

Miss Howick and Miss Thain


English task

Main and subordinate clauses:

Remember, a main clause can stand alone in a sentence and a subordinate clause will start with a subordinate conjunction and does not make sense without the main clause.

If the subordinate clause is the first part of your sentence, it should have a comma at the end of it, before the main clause. If it comes at the end, no comma is needed.

e.g. Although it was raining, the man walked to the shops.

Although = subordinating conjunction

Although it was raining = subordinate clause

the man walked to the shops = main clause



Write 6 sentences about the Alma video we watched in class (if you can re-watch it, then do) that include a main and subordinate clause. Label whether it is the main or subordinate clause and the conjunction.

e.g. The doll kept riding into the door even though it would not open.


Extension task:

Change the orders of your sentences and use a range of conjunctions to keep them interesting.

Monday 23rd: Multiplying Decimal Numbers

Just follow these steps:

  • Multiply normally, ignoring the decimal points.
  • Then put the decimal point in the answer - it will have as many decimal places as the two original numbers combined.

In other words, just count up how many numbers are after the decimal point in both numbers you are multiplying, then the answer should have that many numbers after its decimal point.

 Complete the following calculations....


  1.   4.3 6.3 =
  2.  3.22 x 4.3 =
  3.  1.9 x 5.54 =
  4.  9.38 x  54.3 =
  5.  21.1 x  6.53 =
  6.  229.5 x 32.29 =
  7.  3.291 x  543.4 =
  8.  45.48 59.39 =
  9.  133.36 x 654.39 =
  10.  0.03 x 56.56 =


Spring 2 2020

This half term, Year 6 are focusing a lot on their upcoming SAT’s. In our maths lessons we are focusing on the skills that we have identified as an area of improvement and giving the children ample opportunities to apply their skills to test style questions. We are providing the children with 2 reading sessions a week where they are split into smaller groups, focusing on the styles of reading question and the ways in which to answer these. During our English lessons we will be focusing on the Alma clip and the children will be writing suspense stories based on this.

‘Can a person really change their colours’ is our enquiry question for this half term and a lot of our focus on this will be through history where the children will be learning about crime and punishment. As a year group, we are very much looking forward to this topic. At the end of the half term we will be focusing on our electricity science unit which will offer the children lots of practical opportunities to apply their learning. Finally, the children will have 2 different PE sessions this half term and will be learning netball/basketball with Mr Atkin and they will be doing dance with us.

The children will have their mock SAT’s week on the week beginning 9th March.

Learning to cook !

Year 6 Autumn 1 2019


Welcome to Year 6!


This year our learning focuses will be based around a question so for the first half term our question is: Who Am I Really? We have already kick started this with a Careers Day where the children got to experience the roles of 6 different professionals.

Our aim is to provide the children with many opportunities to challenge and push themselves to the best of their ability. As teachers, we are very proud of the positive learning behaviours they have continued to show in class and around the school. Already, we can see that this is going to be yet another successful year!

At home, the expectation is for your child to read every night and for this to be logged daily in their home school diaries. We want the children to enjoy and show understanding of what they are reading as it will be very beneficial to their learning and progress. In addition, it is also important that your child spends time practising their weekly spellings been stuck into their diaries. A crib sheet of helpful ways that you can support them with learning them has also been provided.

This year is a very important year for your child, both academically and emotionally as it is the last year of primary education before secondary school. We will continue to have high expectations of them and will encourage them to have that of themselves. As part of this we expect the children to have their P.E kit in school every day, it will be sent home on a Friday to be washed over the weekend, ready for the next week. P.E. will be taught to Year 6 on a Monday and Friday however, this can change from week to week.

If you have any worries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Year 6 team. We look forward to seeing you at parents evening on the 22nd and 24th of October.


Year 6 Team