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Year 6

Monday 13.07.20

Year 6... you did it!


In the weirdest way possible, you have made it to your final week of Year 6! I cannot believe the chaos and drama that this year has given but you have shown just how resilient and amazing you are. Throughout all of this, you've carried on working hard and stayed positive. For that, we are both so incredibly proud of you.

Finish strong, complete the last week and we'll see most of you on Thursday for Graduation... can't wait for a proper catch up with you all!


See you soon!


Miss Howick and Miss Thain

Monday 13,07.20

Competition time for Year 5 and Year 6

Winchester University is asking you to design a room for the halls of residence. I have included the information sheet and instructions of what to do below. Ask you adults to help you if you do not understand the instructions.


This is just a quick snap shot of what you need to do:

1. Watch the video ‘UWIN Aspire: Halls of residence’. 

The link to the video can be found here:

2.Design your own room in halls of residence. You can draw your room or make a model using any materials you have access to.

3. Label the items in your room.  (For safeguarding, please only include child’s first name  and school )

4. Take a picture of your finished design and send it to the school on

The deadline for submissions to school is the 26th June 2020

I will send these to the university on the same day after school.

Winners will be announced in July.

Hope you have fun being creative.

 Good luck smiley