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Our Curriculum

In September 2021, we moved to the new Early Year Framework as the foundation for our curriculum.

All members of staff working within out Nursery and Reception classes have contributed to our new curriculum and we have the on-going support of our curriculum subject leaders to ensure that our children will be ready to progress onto the National Curriculum when they move to Year 1.

Our Curriculum Aims consider what we aspire for our children to achieve by the end of our EYFS to prepare them for the next stage of their learning journey.

Although designed specifically to meets the needs of our children and school, our curriculum is in line with the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework - the standards that schools and childcare providers must meet for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five.


Our curriculum is taught within overarching themes across the year.  It is designed as such that within each term we will consider similar ideas and themes, allowing the children to build on their learning and experiences with pre and post-learning integrated throughout so that knowledge and skills are frequently revisited, embedded and developed.  The design of our curriculum also allows us to be flexible to meet the needs of our children as we go along. 


These are our themes for the year:

During Autumn Term, our topic is ‘My World’. The children look at their own lives, where they live, who they love and care about, their emotions, events and traditions, their likes and dislikes and the similarities and differences between themselves and others.  


‘The Wider World’ topic of Spring term looks at their local area, people in their community and features of the United Kingdom.


In the third topic -  ‘The Big Wide World’ – we explore countries and cultures from around the world.