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Equality and Rights Advocates - EARA



Hampshire Equality and Rights Advocates (EARA) are a groups of students from Hampshire schools who work collaboratively to promote equality and children's rights in their schools based on the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act and UNCRC. Park View is happy to have joined the group this year.  We aim to present our ideas to students, teachers, governors and parents in the school community. We meet every fortnight and will be attending network meetings once a term with other schools in the coming year.


Park View EARA

Our Park View Group is made up of Year 5 and Year 6 children who have presented themselves to promote equality and improve the understanding of a child’s right to the other children and adults at Park View. Mrs Pfende works with children and supports them to plan and deliver their messages.


Our aims

  • To promote and raise awareness of the Equality Act and UNCRC
  • Discuss issues relating to our rights and responsibilities and share with the school
  • Plan and Organise activities that promote child’s rights
  • Meet with pupils from other schools and share our work in network groups
  • Help to spread awareness to parents and the community through leaflets and other media