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Enrichment activities are planned into many history units:


Year 1: Great Fire of London - 1666 day learning about Stuart times and some events of the fire

Year 1: Seaside through time - visit and artifact box from Farnham museum and visit to a beach

Year 2: Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale - Victorian day inc 'Victorian Nurse'

Year 2: Titanic - visit to Sea City museum

Year 2: Queens - visit from a Guard and virtual lesson with Royal Historic Palaces

Year 3: Stone Age to Iron Age - Pre-historical life day and a visit to Danebury Hillfort

Year 3: Roman Britain - Roman day with Portals to the past

Year 4: Anglo-Saxon - Anglo-Saxon day

Year 4: Vikings - Viking visitor

Year 4: Basing House - Basing House visit

Year 5: Ancient Civilisations and death/burial in ancient Egypt - Ancient Civilisations day and mummifying fish

Year 5: Ancient Greeks - British Museum virtual

Year 6 : Early Islamic Civilisation - Baghdad market artifact box