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Wellbeing at Park View

At Park View, we are fully committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff.  Wellbeing is a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. We want everyone to feel valued and supported. We feel it is vital children understand their own mental health and how to look after it. Everyone needs some help from time to time and we hope to equip the children with strategies and with the confidence to ask for support when they need.


At Park View we promote wellbeing through our school values and want to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging. We promote the 5 ways to Wellbeing through all our curriculum and encourage the children and their families to carry out the ‘5 ways’ every day at home and school.


We support the ‘Back to Basics’ campaign promoted through the Mental Health Schools team. We have created our own school stickers which celebrate each of the 5 ways so that children can share their commitment to wellbeing. This encourages important conversations at school and at home.

Wellbeing Team


Wellbeing Ambassadors

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors at Park View are in Years 3-6 and play a key part in the promotion of Wellbeing through the school. They have completed training led by members of the Mental Health Schools Team and have learnt lots about what Wellbeing is and how we can promote it through the school.


Their Role:

-Promoting and raising awareness of the importance of wellbeing through our school

-Supporting and organising specific events & celebrating mental health awareness days.

-Come up with ideas to improve people’s wellbeing at school.

-Observe and celebrate your peers’ commitment to the ‘5 ways to Well being’.

-Spread kindness through the school.

Key Adults

We make Wellbeing everyone’s responsibility at Park View, but these adults lead the work we do to support the children and their families in this area.

Mrs Barrow -Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Barrow - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Clare Sharp - Family Support Worker

Mrs Sadler and Miss Clayton -Emotional Literacy Support Assistants

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