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Healthy Eating Week

Be Healthy Week 2024

This year we are focussing on healthy choices we can make in all areas of our lives. 


Connect 4 Healthy Choice Challenge

Each child will be given a healthy choices challenge sheet with 16 suggested activities. The children are encouraged to try four, or more, of the challenges to complete a row. 

The challenges cover many aspects of living healthy lives: increasing fruit and vegetable intake, moving more, family routines and developing meaningful connections with friends and family. 


Healthy Snacks

Following last year's success, the children will again be making healthy snacks. Having the opportunity to apply the skill they have learnt through out the year and try new foods. 


Sports Days

Be Healthy Week coincides with the KS1 and KS2 Sports days.


Extra-curricular Activities Fair

As the KS2 sports day starts, local providers of after school and holiday hobby clubs, are invited to advertise what they do. 


2023 - Healthy Eating focus

All children were able to make a heathy snack in school.

Year 4 - pitta breads

Year 5 - guacamole and tortilla crisps

Year 6 - oaty flapjacks