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Park View Vision

Our Vision


Park View Primary School believes in our school motto, ‘Learning Together, Achieving Forever’.


At Park View Primary School our enquiry based curriculum is underpinned by our core values of:


Respect, Resilience, Tolerance, Cooperation, Reflectiveness, Open-mindedness


At Park View Primary School every child will be:

  • a confident and independent learner, who is resilient and hardworking, with a love of learning;
  • physically and mentally healthy, with a strong sense of self-respect;
  • a respectful and tolerant citizen, who shows understanding and empathy towards the diverse cultures and faiths within our wider community;
  • able to recognise the difference between right and wrong so that they can make positive contributions in our democratic society.
  • an effective communicator so they can have successful futures.



We believe these skills, and the promotion of British values, will help children to become successful adults and develop a deeper understanding of the world and their place within it.


Using a variety of learning opportunities, we shall help them to be successful through:


  • thinking and acting for themselves;
  • developing confidence and independence;
  • valuing and respecting others;
  • having high expectations of themselves and the hard work needed to achieve their potential;
  • developing good learning behaviours;
  • developing social skills;
  • valuing and respecting belongings, living things and the environment; and  
  • being able to empathise, share and co-operate.


We want our children to feel secure and valued, whatever their contribution. The whole community is encouraged to approach the care of each other in a positive way, reinforcing the philosophy and ethos of the school and following the school’s Positive Behaviour Policy and Teaching and Learning Policy.