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Year 1 - Wild Flower Planting

Year 2's hook for their enquiry question,' Where in the world would you rather be?'

The Year 2 Titanic Exhibition ( Outcome of their learning)

Today the Year 2 children were given tickets to board the infamous ship named the Titanic. Each ticket indicated which class they would experience whilst on board the ship. We spoke about how women and children were prioritised to get on the lifeboat and then first class passengers. After the experience, we discussed what we would like to learn more about.


We then met Eliza, a survivor of the Titanic. She told us that both her and her son were on the Titanic to travel to New York to meet her husband. She described the moment the iceberg hit the ship and what it was like to be on board during the disaster. We found out that the ship sank on 15th April 1912 and that out of 2200 passengers, only around 700 actually survived. Eliza told us that there were not enough lifeboats on the Titanic meaning that not everyone would be able to survive. We asked Eliza lots of questions to try and find out more about what it was like on board.




We all had a great time at the Christmas lunch celebrations. We were singing along to Christmas songs, eating tasty food and enjoying our chocolate coins. 
















As part of Year 2's topic, we looked at the enquiry question, 'why should we celebrate differences?'. To explore this, over the past half term, we have learnt about the circus and how people that were different were made fun of and looked at. As a year group we spoke about how the world would be boring if everyone was the same and how we should celebrate differences. To bring our topic to a close, we showcased our range of talents to Year R and Year 1. Our talent show had a variety of acts including jokes, singing, dancing, gymnastics, magic and ukuleles. 





Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save the Children Charity

The shop is in full swing! At the end of each term children have the opportunity to exchange their tokens for items from the shop. Children receive these tokens when they demonstrate our learning behaviours at PVP. These include Respect, Resilience, Tolerance, Cooperation, Reflectiveness and Open - mindedness. Well done children , you deserve it !

The Woodland Trust donated 207 trees for Park View Primary to plant in our grounds as part of The Big Climate Fightback.


Here are Foxes Class in Year 2 planting some of the Rowan Trees.




Thursday 7th November - Wonderful Word Day

To introduce Year 2's new enquiry question, 'Why should we celebrate differences?' the children were visited by Arthur, a circus performer. Arthur shared his circus skills with KS1 in their morning assembly and then Year 2 had an opportunity to juggle, spin plates and flip sticks. 


The Circus performer, Arthur, asked for volunteers to help him with his trick. The children's hands all shot up!

The Circus performer, Arthur, asked for volunteers to help him with his trick. The children's hands all shot up!

The children were taught how to spin plates using the stick, their fingers and even their noses.