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Be Healthy Week

As part of our aspiration that children will live a healthy life. We have a week (or two) a year where we challenge children and and staff to consider making healthier choices. 

This year Be Healthy Week extended over 2 weeks to allow classes flexibility and ensure all key teaching was covered. With whole school and class assemblies we looked at:

  • Having a Balance - the food groups and the healthy eating plate; Making sure we have enough of all the groups and that we drink enough water. Looking at how we spend our time - getting enough activity, sport, social time and time to enjoy our hobbies.


  • Sleep - what do good sleep habits look like? why is sleep so important and how much sleep should we get?



Sports Day

Sports Day is a highlight of the the school year and takes place during Be Healthy Week. For sports day photos follow the link.



Connect4 Challenge

The children were given 16 challenges and asked to complete a minimum of four of the challenges at home.

Over 60 children returned their completed forms to the school and received a certificate. 

Click the school logo below to see photos of some of the things our children did at home to complete the challenge. 

Healthy Snacks

Each year, children make a healthy snack and enjoy it in school. This is in addition to the Food and Nutrition unit in Design and Technology.

We hope to introduce the children to new ingredients and help them experience easy preparation of healthy foods. 

Click the school logo below for some photos of the food preparation sessions.