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Our PSHE Curriculum


At Park View Primary School, our curriculum is in line with advice from the Government. The Government has provided funding to the PSHE Association to advise schools in developing their own PSHE curriculums and improve the quality of teaching and learning. The association focuses on signposting schools to resources and helps them in expanding their PSHE programmes. Our school follows the PSHE Association’s curriculum content which ensures that we are providing rich learning opportunities for children so that they are better prepared for life beyond primary school.



We have created our curriculum by adapting the structure of the PSHE Associations curriculum content. By adapting the structure we have created a spiral curriculum so that our children can revisit, build and deepen their understanding of the 5 different areas of learning within each of our 3 core themes. This approach has also allowed us to make our curriculum, age and developmentally appropriate. We understand that children must be taught sensitively and inclusively with respect to the backgrounds and beliefs of the pupils and parents at our school. We will continue to reflect on and update our PSHE curriculum with pupils and parents in mind.


Please click the document below to see the areas of learning and the specific objectives that will be taught in each unit. 

Teaching and recording of PSHE


PSHE is taught weekly by the class teacher.

The lessons are focussed on discussion, reflection and debate. 

Learning is recorded in a class PSHE folder.