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During the autumn term 2023, Year 5 had swimming lessons at the QMC Swimming Pool by ‘Kim Chapman Swimming School’. During the term it was wonderful to see the children becoming more confident in the water and learning to swim. The children achieved the following...

 Length     Beginner Group (27 Children)

Intermediate Group (13 Children)

Deep End Group ( 15 Children)
0 Metres9  
3 Metres1  
5 Metres122 
8 Metres


10 Metres361
15 Metres142
20 Metres  3
25 Metres 19


A number of children in the beginner group are still non-swimmers but their achievements should not be underestimated. Some of these children had never been in a swimming pool before and it was great to see their water confidence improve overtime. Our school value of resilience shone through.


The swimming teachers also shared important messages about water safety and life saving. The children were reminded that they should never go into water unaccompanied and they were also told how to keep safe at a beach and the dangers of frozen lakes.