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In maths, we teach the 3 aims of the National Curriculum; fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Children are challenged through a rich maths curriculum that encourages children to jump into the learning pit. We have developed an approach through which Assessment for Learning is at the centre of all lessons. Children are taught to use a range of mental strategies, written calculations and skills to tackle a problem using both concrete resources and pictorial representations. This ensures children are suitably supported and challenged throughout a lesson. Teachers constantly assess where to go with the children’s learning and both the class teacher and learning support assistants use peel away groups to both model and address any misconceptions the children have or to move their learning forward.


Our ‘Dip and Pick’ approach combines the 3 focus areas of the National Curriculum of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Learning is layered to offer the appropriate level of challenge for each child. Children enjoy the challenge and variation of the maths curriculum.


On a Friday, the maths focuses on identified fundamental objectives. This is known as ‘Fundamental Friday’. This is a great opportunity for adults to really focus on a specific skill that may be a barrier to a child’s progress, for example a gap in place value knowledge.


Times Tables are taught across the school through the use of a numberlink board. The ‘1, 10, 5, derive’ approach has allowed children to have short, focused times to practice their age-appropriate times tables.