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Jubilee 2022

HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee - Celebrating 70 years!

Remembering Park View Celebrations


Our Jubilee Street Party

A visit from the Grenadier Guards


We were delighted to welcome 5 members of the Grenadier Guards to our school.

The day was packed with assemblies, trying on equipment and a marching drill. 

Entering an assembly

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Marching with the Guards

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The Great Jubilee Bake off and cake sale

Tree Planting for the Jubilee

70 Years on the throne - Accession day

International Women's Day Event


On Monday 7th March, Years 1 to 6 had a day to learn about influential women and the importance of equality within society.

Each class chose a title from the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series and produced something to reflect their inspirational woman. 

We also had 3 guest speakers: Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke, began the day with an assembly; Lisa Kirkman, a Director at Winchester City Council and former pupil of Park View, visited the classes; and Nicola Pearce, Head Teacher at the Vyne School, shared her exciting and varied careers with the students.

All three speakers talked about how we shouldn't let our life circumstances limit our futures and that our children have the potential to make a difference in the world. 


During the week, each class has been shown a PowerPoint about the Queen and her life - looking at her as a person and the opportunities she has taken. 

Planned events and activities

  • Decorated cake competition
  • Trouping the colour assembly with Grenadier Guards
  • PVP celebration tea-towels on sale
  • PVP Street Party