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Year 5


PE Lessons - Autumn Term

Please make sure you have your PE kit in school everyday. Our PE lesson with Mr Apps will be on a Tuesday.

We will be swimming on Monday mornings please bring your clean kit to school, including a swimming cap

Science experiment - impact of exercise of the circulatory system

Exploring Ancient Egyptian burial items

Ancient Civilisation Day

Using reproduction artefacts and photos of archaeological discovers, we learnt about life and death in Ancient Sumer (modern-day Middle East), Ancient Indus Valley (India/Pakistan), Shang Dynasty (China) and Ancient Egypt.

We looked at the development of writing and its uses; items used for cooking and eating; use of bronze; and the objects people were buried with. 

Upcoming event - Ancient Civilisation Day

Wednesday 7th September 2022

A day to launch our first topic, please see the letter below.