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A Viking Invasion

This half term the Project for Year 4 has been ‘Let the Battle Commence’ and the children have learnt all about the Viking era.

Today was a special day and the children and staff of Year 4 came dressed up as Vikings – WOW! Everyone made a fabulous effort and looked great.

Also we had a day visit from Bjorn the Viking. Their day consisted of:

  1. Made their names in runes and gave themselves a Viking name and had a certificate made.
  2. Learnt how the Vikings navigated and how they invaded.
  3. Played Viking games with dice.
  4. Ground flour using a quern stone.
  5. Recreated a Viking battle, discussed famous battles and warriors and had a Shield Wall battle.
  6. Looked at Viking foods and talked about the cuisine of the time.
  7. Tried on clothes of the time.
  8. Looked at accessories of the period.
  9. Tried on Viking helmets and carried weapons, such as axes and swords.
  10. Looked at the punishments given during the period.
  11. Took part in a Viking quiz.

The children and staff had an amazing day and left with knowing more about the Vikings.