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Hampton Court

On Tuesday 22nd May, as part of our Tudor topic, Year 5 went to Hampton Court Palace. It was a beautiful sunny day, and everyone thought it was amazing!


Henry VIII was the most famous monarch who lived there, best known for beheading people and having six wives!!


One of our favourite places was the kitchen which fed 600-1000 visiting courtiers, we were allowed to chop mince and roast lamb on the spit. There were cool realistic special effects like the vibrating chopping board.


Hampton Court Palace was huge and quite intimidating, but the gold on the ceilings and were spectacular. We saw lots of Tudor roses around the halls and rooms. Even the tapestries in the Great Hall had golden thread woven in. Legend has it that the Palace is haunted…


The Clock Tower was “unbelievable” telling you everything, such as high tide, the months of the year and the phases of the moon.


We even had fun at lunch with the Palace ducks eating our food, and being sprayed by the huge garden water fountains.


How would you feel living in this exquisite wealthy Tudor house? We highly recommend this fun and educational family-friendly day out!