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Year 4 travel back to the Viking Age

This half term the Project for Year 4 has been ‘Let the Battle Commence’ and the children have learnt all about the Viking era.

Today was a special day and the children and staff of Year 4 came dressed up as Vikings – WOW! Everyone made a fabulous effort and looked great.

Also we had a day visit from Bjorn the Viking. Their day consisted of:

1. Learnt and acted out the raid on Lindisfarne

2. Looked at the different jobs the Vikings did

3. Tried on replica Viking clothes.

4. Ground flour using a quern stone.

5. Played Viking games with die

6. Stick wrestling

7. Played Hnefatafl – Viking board game

8. Guess the Viking diet

9. Guess the household items

10. Weaponry demonstration

11. Handle replica weapons

12. Shield wall training

13. Chain mail challenge

14. Battle of Hastings re-enactment

The children and staff had an amazing day and left with knowing more about the Vikings.